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KOAT Action News7: Local mother tells story of son’s overdose death in newly released documentary

Albuquerque is in the national spotlight. A mother is telling her story about her son, who was a high school athlete who got injured.Cameron Weiss took pills for the pain.

His mother, Jennifer Weiss-Burke, said Cameron got hooked on heroin very quickly. It was unrelenting.

He died of a drug overdose when he was just 18.

“I went into his room to check on him, and he was passed away in his bed,” his mother said.

In the last decade, KOAT has told you the story of Weiss-Burke and her husband, David Burke.

The Albuquerque couple used that grief and experience to open a center for teens struggling with drug addiction.

Their story was so compelling, Backlot Productions made a documentary about it that also featured two other American families.

The documentary, called “Gateway” premiered in Hollywood this week.

The production company flew the Burkes to Los Angeles to attend.

It is emotional and personal. It also talks about alternatives to opiates, especially after surgery.

The family may appear on Entertainment Tonight this weekend.

As far as the documentary “Gateway” — you can see it online. It will also be shown at the Kimo Theater next month.


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