In the Media Ashley Greene Shows Off Her New Home with Husband Paul Khoury Five Years After Condo Fire

Before Ashley Greene and her husband, Paul Khoury, got married, they were excited about making a union in their home. But the space was the one thing they struggled to combine and agree upon.

To resolve their conflict, the Twilight actress and Khoury, who is a partner in Lokai, turned to designer Kelli Ellis of the online makeover series Design Therapy, part of the The Design Network.Over five webisodes, Ellis puts the couple through a series of tests in their living, dining and guest bedrooms in order to harmoniously combine their styles.

The redecoration of one space brought up a particular painful moment for Greene.

In the first episode, the actress gets emotional while talking to Ellis about the pieces in her guest bedroom, as she explains that the furnishings in the room are the only pieces that survived a fire that destroyed her previous home.

After Guest Bedroom

The West Hollywood condo suffered a devastating fire in 2013. Law enforcement said at the time the cause was not determined. Firefighters were able to save one of Greene’s two fox terriers that were in the apartment at the time.

“I woke up to it being completely engulfed in flames,” Greene says. “I lost pretty much everything except those pieces and so I’ve kind of been holding on to them.”

“It doesn’t really fit the aesthetic of what I want for the house and I do want to make this our home,” she adds. “We’re getting married. We want to start things fresh. I think it’s time that those things pass on and move on. It’s been a journey.”

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The other rooms, thankfully, didn’t carry quite as heavy a history. Ellis began her work in the couple’s living room, where she mentions she really sees “a fight” between Greene and her then-fiancé’s styles, as they had essentially split the room down the middle to have his and hers sides. The dining room was a more masculine room, with a vintage wooden table as the centerpiece surrounded by muted chairs.

“We decided we wanted something that could be beat up a little bit because we like to do a lot of arts-and-crafts nights,” Khoury tells Ellis.

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In the final episode of the mini-series, Ellis transforms each of their spaces to be a cohesive mix of their styles, keeping the elements they loved, like a purple chair in the guest room and the 1980s table in the dining room, but sprucing up the space so it feels more like they created it together.

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“We’re really excited to kind of move forward together with the way the house is decorated now,” Greene says. “Going through all of the actual therapy side of it was really fun and it was perfect to do before you get married. It’s just another building block to work with. It’s really cool now that the house reflects both of us.”

In addition to getting interiors inspiration, viewers can actually shop the pieces they’re seeing in the home (both before and after), on the Design Network site.

Greene and Khoury wed in June in front of family and several famous friends, including her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson, Liam Hemsworth, Zac EfronBrittany Snow, Lauren and Aaron Paul, and Evan and Ashlee Simpson-Ross, as reported by Brides magazine.

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